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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 





(6} (?9) 


'Twas the first day of June in '57; 

I overslept and arose at eleven. 

I shaved and I pondered my busy day — 

Two things at a time have become my way, 

For a ghost can't nick himself, needless to say. 

Clutter was strewn all 'round the attic, 

For my wife's cleaning days are rather sporadic. 

The litter of last evening's game of chess 

Began to frustrate my favorite ghostess. 

She sent me away with tone emphatic, 

And I swooped from the rooms of my dust-charmed attic. 

The porch was crammed with warm alumnae. 

Whose corsages were wilting, as indeed was I; 

There I stopped to tilt a preposterous hat — 

(In the flesh I was much more reserved than that.) 

Each frightful hat framed a friendly face, 

But my destination was another place. 

I slipped to the Bookstore with stealthy approach 

And raised the cover of the new Stagecoach. 

I peeked at my pictures and was pleased to see 

They were definitely, strikingly me. 

I scrutinized the faces dear, 

And perhaps I may have shed a tear. 

For a moment I saw into future days, 

(For such is my power and such are my ways) 

When these young ladies their children will raise. 

When they have a minute after dinner, 

And have tied in bed each little sinner, 

I hope they'll not forget this book, 

But pull it out and have a look; 

And recall the fun of Saint Mary's halls 

Before the baby interrupts with squalls. 

Much later still when the children are grown. 

And again they've time to call their own, 

They'll see the faces of once-young friends 

With whom time's rage also contends. 

Thev'll all have lumbago and rheumatiz 

And muscle-aches where no muscle is. 

If they'll close the book and forget their pain. 

And, remembering Saint Mary's, charter a plane 

To visit in person their old habitats 

I'll meet them here; I'll tilt back their hats, 

Their faces to scan that I may discern 

If they absorbed the lessons I set them to learn . . . 

Then I suddenly remembered 

'Twas hours since eleven 

And my blessings gave to the Saint's '57. 

The Ghost of Dr. Smedes. 

Dedicated humbly, gratefully, and devotedly to 
Mr. Hughes 

The legend of the Ghost of Dr. Smedes 
And his famed attic home 
You would accept if you could see 
Him through the campus roam. 

He dines and sleeps and entertains 
In garret cozy and warm. 
But daily, faithful calls he makes 
Through classroom, gym, and dorm. 

He's perched upon your hockey slick 
Each time you make a goal, 
And he's at every meeting held — 
'Though he's not on the roll. 

He occupies that empty desk 
In lab and lecture too, 
And if your seat is near the back 
He may sit next to you. 

He dons his tux for every dance 
Inside the fancy gym. 
His dress may seem quite strange to you. 
But looks just right on him. 

He stands in the receiving line. 
His glasses on his nose, 
And during intermission time 
He takes a little doze. 

If the orchestra plays a familiar piece, 
A Viennese waltz perchance, 
With courtly bow, and debonair, 
He may ask you to dance. 

If you would know our Dr. Smedes, 
Then of him have no fear: 
Someday, when you expect him least, 
You'll see him standing near. 




A.B.. Western Maryland College: Ph.D.. The Johns Hopkins University: L.H.D.. Western Maryland College. 
St. Mary's. 1946-. 




Bessie B. Brown, in charge oj Bookstore and Post Office: Evie 
Callahan. Housekeeper: Betty Debnani. Alumnae Secretary: 
Mary Jane Hornback, Hostess: Nell Ruth Jewel. R.N.. Resident 
Nurse: Julia Jordan, Secretary: Lillian Pope, Assistant Die- 
titian; Margaret Sasser, Assistant Hostess; Mrs. Susanne 
Jacobus, Biology, Hygiene; Mary Lewis Sasser, Secretary: 
Macy Seagroves. R.N.. Nurse; Stella T. Smith. Operator; Delia 
Truitt. Dietitian; Elizabeth Gordon Tucker, Secretary to the 
President; Frances Vann. Secretary. 




Jacqueline Merritt Barber Physical Education 

G. C. '47-'49; A.B., Carolina. St. Mary's, 19S5-. 
Elizabeth Bason Home Economics 

A.B., Flora Macdonald College; M.A.. Columbia Uni- 
versity. St. Mary's. 1924-. 
Carolyn Miller Blount Physical Education 

B.S., The Woman's College of the University of North 
Carolina. St. Mary's. 1955-. 
Ernestine Boineau Commercial Subjects 

A.B.. Winthrop College; further study at Southern 
Business University and Appalachian Slate Teachers 
College. St. Mary's. 1950-. 
Janet R. Broughton Mathematics anil French 

A.B.. Lindenwood College; M.A.. Oherlin College. St. 
Mary's, 1940-. 
Russell Broughton Head of Music Department 

Organ, Harmony, History oj Music 
Mus.B., Mus.M., Oberlin College: Fellow of the Ameri- 
can Guild of Organists; Pi Kappa Lambda Estey 
Scholarship. Conservatoire Americain Fontainebleau; 
pupil in organ of George Whitfield Andrews. Henri 
Libert: in theory, of A. E. Heacox: in composition, of 
G. W. Andrews, Nadi Boulanger: in improvisation, of 
Marcel Dupre. St. Mary's. 194(1-. 
Helen Abel Brown Librarian 

A.B., M.A.. Middlebury College; further study in Uni- 
versidad de Mexico. Mexico. D. F.; A.B. in Library 
Science, University of Michigan. St. Mary's. 1937-. 
Mary Johnson Browne Assistant in the Library 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A.. West Virginia Univer- 
sity. St. Mary's, 1952-. 
Owens Hand Browne Chemistry 

B.S.. North Carolina State College; Ph.D.. The Johns 
Hopkins University. St. Mary's. 1950-. 
Geraldine Spinks Cate Voice, Glee Club 

A.B., University of South Carolina; Mus.B., West- 
minister Choir College; M.A., in Music. Teachers Col- 
lege, Columbia University: pupil of Julie Bell Soudant. 
St. Mary's, 1940-. 
Louise Keith Cell English 

B.A., Texas State College for Women; M.A., Southern 
Methodist University. St. Mary's. 1952-. 
Florence C. Davis Speech and Thea're Arts 

Bachelor of Oratory. Emerson College: pupil of Edith 
llerrick: Feagin School: Teachers College. Columbia 
University. St. Mary's, 1911-. 
Jane Goss Guess Sociology 

B.S.. University of Wisconsin. St. Mary's. 1938-'51; 
William C. Guess Head oj Department, History and 

Social Sc enca 
A.B.. University of North Carolina; M.A.. The Johns 
Hopkins University. St. Mary's. 1928- . 
Ruth McNitt Hafley Music Department Accompanist 
Oberlin Conservatory; B.S.. Pennsylvania State Uni- 
versity. St. Mary's. 1956- . 
Mary Ruth Haig Piano 

De Pauw University School of Music; graduate in 
piano, pupil of James Friskin, Juilliard School of 
Music; B.S., in Music Education, Teachers College, 
Columbia University; M.S.. in Piano, Juilliard School 
of Music: pupil of Sascha Gorodnitzki, pupil of Robert 
and Gaby Casadesus. Conservatoire Americain, Fon- 
tainebleau. St. Mary's, 1937-. 

George B. S. Hale Bible 

1938-'40, Southwestern, Memphis, Tennessee; 1947, 
East Tennessee State. Johnson City, Tennessee; 
1942-'45. University of the South. Sewanee, Tennessee. 
St. Mary's. 1956-. ' 
Lawrence E. Hinkle Latin 

A.B., University of Colorado; M.A.. Columbia Uni- 
versity; D.S. es Latin, Dijon University. St. Mary's. 
Camilla Hoy Spanish, French 

A.B., M.A.. University of South Carolina; Ph.D.. Bryn 
Mawr College. St. Mary's, 1952-. 
Israel Harding Hughes Bible 

A.B.. University of North Carolina: B.D.. Episcopal 
Theological School. Cambridge. Mass. St. Mary's. 
Dr. Chauncey L. Royster Physician 

Susanne J. Jacobus Biology, Hygiene 

A.B., Salem College; M.S.. University of Michigan: 
Cornell University, Critic Teacher. Science Teacher 
Training Program. St. Mary's. 1953-. 
Sara Esther Jones English 

B.S.. Asheville College; M.A.. George Peabody College 
for Teacher. St. Mary's. 1947-. 
Annie Ruth Lineberry Mathematics 

A.B.. Meredith College; M.A., Columbia University. 
St. Mary's. 1927-. 
Joan McGee Biology Laboratory Assistant 

A.B.. Howard College, Birmingham. Alabama. St. 
Mary's. 19S6-. 
Charles Albert Petigru Moore 

Head of Department, English 
A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. St. Mary's. 
Katharine Morris Art, History of Art 

Graduate of St. Mary's; studied further at University 
of North Carolina. Meredith College. Woman's College 
of University of North Carolina. Abbot School of Art, 
New York School of Fine and Applied Art. St. Mary's. 
Mabel Margaret Morrison 

History, Psychology, Geography 
A.B.. M.A., Dalhousie University; Ph.D.. University of 
Toronto. St. Mary's. 1929-. 
Eugene F. Parker German, Spanish 

B.S., Norwich University: M.A.. Ph.D.. Harvard Uni- 
versity. St. Mary's, 1947-. 
Donald Perry Piano, Theory 

Mus.B.. Oberlin College; M.A.. Teachers College. 
Columbia University: pupil of Rosalvn Tureck and 
Frank Sheridan. New York: Adjudicator. National 
Guild Auditions. St. Mary's. 1940-41 : 1944-. 
Carolyn Peacock Poole English, History 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A.. Oberlin College. St. 
Mary's, 1953-. 
Edith Anne Richardson English 

A.B.. Wellesley College. St. Mary's. 1955-. 
Julienne Moncin Smith 

Head oj French Department ; French, Spanish 
A.B.. M.A.. University of South Carolina; Cerficat 
D' Etudes, Sorbonne. St. Mary's. 1947-. 
Margaret C. Williams Studio and Art History 

A.B.. in Fine Arts. Woman's College of University of 
North Carolina: M.A.. Woman's College of University 
of North Carolina. St. Mary's, 1956-. 


i. 3UK Jwin* j *■' ** - ^* •* • '* 




Jj$ffii$:$t$:-, ■ ^L 




E f "*' r ~^U 

H^£^- :: '%#1 : :"' ! ' 

Senior Class Officers 

Betsy Brinkley 

Eva Oakley 

Margaret Reese 

Catherine Dent 



Patricia Anne Adams Willow Springs, N. C. 

blond, parties 
"The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure. 

and pleasure my business." 
Little Store Committee '56-'57; Belles Staff '56-'57; 

Virginia Lee Arbogast Asheville, N. C. 

"Lee" industrious, fun loving 
"Distance adds enchantment." 
Glee Club \55-'57; Ensemble '55-'57; Dramatics 
Club '55-'57; What Every Woman Knows '56; 
Peg-O-My-Heart "57; Choir "56-'57: Y.D.C. '55-'57, 
President '56-'57; Belles Staff '56-'57; May Day 
'57; Sigma. 

Emma Carol Biggers Charlotte, N. C. 

"Big," mischevious, wit 
"Sunshine of the mind." 
Hall Counselor '56-'57; Belles Staff '54- '55; Glee 
Club '54-\55; Stagecoach \55-'56; Canterbury 
Club '53-'54; Y.W.C.A. '55'56; Y.D.C. '55'56; 
Altar Guild \56-'57; Hockey Team '54-'57; Volley- 
ball '56-'57; Nominating Committee '55-'57; Presi- 
dent of Sigmas '56-'57; Sigma. 

Nancy Margaret Black Rockingham. N. C. 

"Ape," artistic, Earl 
"Curfew must not ring tonight." 
Stagecoach Staff '56-'57: Belles Staff. Cartoonist 
'56-'57; Hall Representative '53-'54; Y.W.C.A. 
'56-'57; Y.R.C. '56-'57; Choir '54-'56; Altar Guild 
'56-'5/; Dramatics Club '53-'57; Senior Christmas 
Pageant '56-'57; Art Certificate; Mu. 

Elise Guerard Bond Savannah. Ga. 

"Wuh," personality plus, bubbling 
"A merry heart goes all the day." 

Altar Guild '56-'57; Orchesis \56-'57; Belles Staff 

'56-'57; Vice-Counselor \56-'57; Dramatics Club 

'55-'57; Softball '55-'57; Sigma. 

Ann Elizabeth Bonner High Point, N. C. 

"Baby" cute, smart 
"Zealous, yet modest, innocent, though free." 
Sigma Pi Alpha '55-'57. Vice-President \56-'57; 
Nominating Committee \55-'56: Belles, Headlines 
Editor '56- '57; Altar Guild '56- '57; Y.W.C.A. 
'56-'57; Y.D.C. \56-\57; Orchesis \56-'57; Doctors' 
Daughters' Club '56-'57; Hall Counselor '56-'57; 



Mary Harrington Bowen Gastonia, N. ('.. 

"Barry,'' happa-Sig, indispensikle 
"The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, 

the hand to execute. " 
Legislative Body Representative '53-'57; Beacon 
'53-'55. President '54-'55; Y.W.C.A. '53-'57, Sec- 
Treas. '54- '55; Orchesis '53-'57; Baskethall '53-'55; 
Hockey All-Star '56-'57; Letter Club '56-*57; Nomi- 
nating Committee '53-57; Glee Club '53-'56; Cap- 
tain. Softball Team '54- '55: Hall Representative 
'53-'54; President of Sophomore Class '54-'55; 
Circle '54-'57. Sec. '55-56 : Volleyball '54-'55; 
Honor Council '55-57 ; President of Student Govern- 
ment Association "56-57 ; Altar Guild "56- "57: Sen- 
ior Pageant 56'57: Vice-Counselor 56-57; Stage- 
coach \56-'57; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Tucker Brinklev Plymouth. N. C. 
"Brink," witty, school spirit 
"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown." 
Glee Club '55-'56; Choir 55-57: President. Senior 
Class \56-'57: Belles Staff '55-'56; Counselor '56-57; 
Basketball '56-'57; Circle, Secretary '55'57: Altar 
Guild '56-"57: Y.D.C. '55-'57: Dramatics Club "55- 
'57: Granddaughters' Club '55-57. Vice-President 
"56-57: ' Christmas Pageant '56-57: Legislative 
Body Representative "56'57: Sigma. 

Ruth Fordham Brock Richlands, N. C. 

"Rufus. ' unforgettable, cheerful 
"'Devout yet cheerful, active yet resigned. 
Y.W.C.A. "55'56: Y.D.C. "56'57: Stagecoach 
Staff "56-"57; Granddaughters' Club '56-"57: Altar 
Guild "56-'57: Little Store Committee '56-57; 
Canterbury Club '55-56: Circle '57: Mu. 

Virginia Joan Brooks Greensboro. N. C. 

"Brooksie, ' clothes. Southern draul 
"Stvle is the dress of thoughts." 
Y.W.C.A. \55-'57: Y.R.C. '55-"57: Dramatics Club 
'55'57: Hockey Team 55-56: Vice-Counselor "56- 
"57: Chief Dance Marshal "56-57: Orchesis '55-57: 
Belles Staff '55-"57: Stagecoach Staff "56-'57: Mu. 

Anne Helen Byrd Willow Springs. N. C. 

"fiyrrf." gentle. Julliard 
"I love tranquil solitude and such society as is quiet. 

wise, and good." 
Belles Staff "56-"57: Y.W.C.A. '55-"57: Glee Club 
'56-57: Y.D.C. '56-57: Christmas Pageant "56'57; 

Sarah Carolyn Charles St. Petersburg. Fla. 

"Charlie," good-looks, musical 
"Individuality is everywhere to be guarded and 

honored as the root of all good." 
Y.D.C. '55-57; Sigma Pi Alpha '55-57: Hall Coun- 
selor "56-"57: Nominating Committee "55-57: Belles 
Staff '56-57: Sigma Cheerleader '55-'57: Sigma. 



Louise Mann Cheatham Greenville, N. C. 

dependable, demure, bridge 
"The more the merrier." 
Altar Guild '55-\57, President '56-'57; Orchesis 
'55-'57; Belles Staff '55-'56; Stagecoach Staff '56- 
'57; Y.D.C. '55-'57; May Day Pageant '55-'57; 
Dance Marshal '56-'57; Vice-Counselor \56-'57; Mu 
Cheerleader '55-'57; Mu. 

Catharine Ann Copp South Bend. Ind. 

"AT," Veep, enthusiastic 

Orchesis '53-'57; Dramatics Club '53-'57; Y.W.C.A. 
'54-'57, Vice-President '55-'56; Glee Club '54-'57; 
Y.R.C. '54-'57, Secretary '55-'56; Beacon '54- '55; 
Circle '56-'57; Constitution Committee '55- '57, 
Chairman '56-'57; Orientation Committee. Chair- 
man '56-'57; Honor Council '56-'57; Legislative 
Body '56-'57; Hockey All Star '56-'57; Treasurer 
Sophomore Class '54-'55; Secretary Junior Class 
'55-'56; Vice-President, Student Government '56- 
'57: Counselor '56- '57; Stagecoach '55-"57; Mu. 

Helen Earle Corbett Macclesfield, N. C. 

Bob, engaged, domestic 
"The love light in her eyes." 
Y.W.C.A. '53-*57; Dramatics Club '53-'57; Orchesis 
'53-'57, Secretary-Treasurer '56-'57; Beacon '54- 
'55; Stagecoach Staff '56- '57; Belles Staff '56-'57; 
Hall Counselor '56-'57; Honor Council '56-"57; 
Circle '56-'57; May Court '56-'57; Senior Christmas 
Pageant '56; Mu. 

Florence Lynne Courtney Raleigh, N. C. 

practical, cordial, helpful 
"With malice toward none, with charity for all." 
Glee Club '55-'57; Mu. 

Mittie Irene Crumpler Mebane, N. C. 

"Mickie," originality, beauty 
"There's nothing half so sweet in life." 
Y.W.C.A. '53-'56; Dance Marshal '54- '56; Belles 
Staff '54-'55; Bulletin '55-"57; Marshal '56-'57; 
Orchesis '54-'57; Stagecoach Staff '53-"57: Y.R.C. 
'56- '57; May Court '54-'57; Vice-Counselor '56-'57; 

Sylvia McKoy Crumpler Mebane. N. C. 

gifted, personality, dales 
"To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark 

of talent. " 
Canterbury Club \53-"54; Orchesis '53-'57; Beacon 
'54-'55: Vice-President, Junior Class '55-'56; Bul- 
letin '54-'57, Editor '56-'57: Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; 
Altar Guild '56-'57; May Court '56-'57; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '55-'57. Program Chairman '56-'57; Marshal 
'56-'57; Sigma. 



Joyce Broadhurst Curry Thomasville, Ga. 

"Nub," gay, "Georgia Cracker' 
' Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible 

sun within us." 
YW.C.A. '55-'56; Y.D.C. '55-'56; Granddaughters' 
Club '55-'57; Belles Staff '56-'57; Altar Guild '56- 
'57; Dramatics Club \55-\56; Mu. 

Polly Bess Daniel Wilson. N. C. 

nea/, pretty, lovable 

"The very pink of perfection.'' 

Y.D.C. '55-'56; Altar Guild '56'57; fletfes Staff 

'56-'57; Senior Little Store Committee "56-'57: Mu. 

Margaret Carolyn Davis Grifton, N. C. 

modest, willing, benevolent 

"A friend is worth all hazards we can run." 

Canterbury Club '55-'57, Corresponding Secretary 

\56-'57 ; Sigma. 

Catherine Allan Dent Jacksonville. Fla. 

dependable, necessary, frank 
"Sensible people find nothing useless." 
Vice-Counselor '56-'57; Senior Little Store Com- 
mittee '56- '57; Chapel Server \56-'57: Altar Guild 
'56- '57; Secretary of Senior Class 56'57: Choir 
'54-'57, President '56-'57; Orchesis '55-'57: Y.R.C. 
'55-'57. Historian '55-\56; Canterbury Club "54-'57. 
Vice-President '55-'56: Y.W.C.A. "54-"57: Hall 
Representative '55; May Day Pageant '56-'57; 
Belles Staff '55-"56; Stagecoach Staff \56-"57: 
Senior Christmas Pageant '56; Editor of Handbook 
'56-'57; Circle '57; Sigma. 

Diana Arneson DeVere Morganton. N. C. 

energetic, reliable, unaffected 
"Worth, courage, honor, these indeed your suste- 
nance and birthright are." 
Secretary, Freshman Class '53-'54: Altar Guild 54- 
57; Canterbury Club '53-55: Doctors" Daughters" 
Club '53-57; A Midsummer Night's Dream 54-55: 
Senior Pageant '56-"57: Life-Saving All Star "53- 
'54; Hockey All Star '54- '55; Captain. Sigma 
Hockey Team \56-"57: Bowling All Star '55-56: 
Volleyball All Star "55-"56: Y.R.C. "54-"57. Vice- 
President 54-'55. President 55-'56: President of 
Junior Class '55-56; Legislative Body Represent- 
ative '55-\56: Beacon '54- "55: Nominating Com- 
mittee '53-"54: Choir "54-"57: Belles Staff "53-'56. 
Feature Editor '56-'57; Stagecoach Staff "53-"56: 
Bulletin Staff \54-'55; Letter Club "54-"57: Secre- 
tary of Hall Council "56-"57: Circle "55-"57. Presi 1 
dent '56-57 : Hall Counselor 56- 57: Crucifer "56- 
'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-57: Dramatics Club "53-"57: 

Florence Spots\vood Dodd Suffolk. Va. 

adapted. Mike, sincere 
"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense 

and plain dealing.'" 
Orchesis '55-"57; Belles Staff "54-"57; Stacecoach 
Staff "55-"57. Senior Writer "56-"57: Chaplain's 
Assistant '56-'57: Senior Pageant "56: Dramatics 
Club '54-'55; Altar Guild "54-"57: Sigma. 



Joanne Louise Tripp Farlowe Raleigh, N. C. 

"Mrs." "Wimp," Morehead City 

"The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." 

Sigma Pi Alpha '56-'57; Belles Staff '55-57. As- 

sistant Editor \56-'57; Sigma. 

Lucretia Anne Fennell Hickory, N. C. 

"Blond," dry wit, soft-spoken 
"Gentle in manner, firm in reality." 
Glee Club '55-'57; Y.R.C. '55-'57; Choir '56-'57; 
Y.W.C.A.; Ensemble "56-"57; Granddaughters' Club 
'56-'57: Altar Guild \56-'57; Mu. 

Alice Westbrook Fowler Statesville. N. C. 

agreeable, quiet, nice 
"What sweet delight a quiet life affords." 
Dramatics Club '55-'57; Y.D.C. 1 "55-'57; Grand- 
daughters' Club '55-'57; Mu. 



Carol Griffith Freeman Richmond, Va. 

Lovely eyes, immaculate, quiet 

"The hand that follows intellect can achieve." 

Belles Staff "56-'57; Stagecoach Staff \56-'57; 

Altar Guild '56-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Mu. 

Ruth Kumiko Fukuda Tokyo. Japan 

sweet, intellect, "delightful to know" 

"Of all the heavenly gifts that mortal men commend. 

What trusty treasure in the world can countervail 

a friend?" 

Dramatics Club \55-'57; Y.W.C.A. \55-'56; Y.D.C. 

"55-'57; Circle '57; Mu. 

Elizabeth Buxton Gregory Halifax, N. C. 

"Libby," genuine, trustworthy 
"Earnestness and sincerity are synonymous." 
Orchesis "56-'57; Class Prophet '56'57; Y.D.C. 
'55-'57; Altar Guild *56-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55'57. 
Secretary "56-'57; Stagecoach Staff '56-'57; Belles 
Staff "55-'57. Business Manager '56-'57: Sigma Pi 
Alpha '55-'57; Vice-President, Senior Class: Sigma. 



Camille Jeannette Grice Raleigh. N. C. 

"Shalimar," a constant stream of chatter 
"A passion for life in general." 
Y.W.C.A. '55-"56: Stagecoach Staff '55-'56; 
Y.D.C. '55-'56; Belles Staff '56-'57; Mu Cheerleader 
'56'57; Altar Guild '56-'57; Y.R.C. '56-'57; Mu. 

Margaret Louise Hamilton Whitakers. N. C. 
brilliant, phone-calls, southern drawl 
"The better part of wisdom is discretion." 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; Y.D.C. '55-'57; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'55-'57; Belles Staff. Chief Copyreader '56-'57; 
Dramatics Club '55-'57, President '56-'57; fPTm' 
Every Woman Knows '56: Peg O' My Heart "57: 
Senior Pageant '56: Niles Medal \55-'56: A/u. 

Elizabeth Madison Hargraye Pe'ersburg. Va. 

cute, letters, re'iring 

"There is likewise a reward for fai'hful silence." 

Vice Counselor '56'57: Y.W.C.A. '55-'56: Sigma 

Cheerleader '55-'57; Glee Club "55-"56: Sigma. 

\ ( 

Dorothy Katharine Harley Columbus. Ga. 

"Worm, ' faithful, genteel 
"So mild, so merciful, so strong, so good. 
So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure.'" 
Belles Staff '55-'57; Y.W.C.A. "55-\56. President 
of Y.W.C.A. '56-'57: Secretary of Y.R.C. "56-"57: 
Assistant Secretary of Hall Council 56-57: Senior 
Little Store "56-"57: Circle "56-"57: Mu. 

Barbara Virginia Harwood Winston-Salem. N. C. 
reserved, sweet, thoughtful 
"A soft answer turneth away wrath.'" 
Y.W.C.A. '55'56: Y.R.C. "55-"57: Mu. 

Elizabeth. Kimball Hatcher Raleigh. N. C. 

Patient, mill, enchanting 

"A lovely lady, garmented in light 

From her own beauty." 

Junior Dance Marshal "55- 56: President of Day 

Students 56-57: Orchesis 56-57: Legislative Body 

"56-"57: Stagecoach Staff "56-"57. Art Editor '57: 

May Dav Pageant "55-57: Sigma. 




Mary Louise Hill Winston-Salem. N. C. 

"Weezie," nonchalant, impossible 
"I would live the same life over if I had it to live 

Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Y.D.C. '56-'57; Altar Guild '56- 
'57: Belles Staff '56-'57; Mu. 

Sara Lecare Hobbs Charlotte, N. C. 

rig queen, "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue,'' sophisti- 
"Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time." 
Altar Guild '55-'57; Y.W.C.A. \55-\57; Orchesis 
'55-'57, Council '55-'56, President '56-'57; Belles 
Staff '55-'57, Cigarette Manager '56'57; Hall Coun- 
selor '56-'57; May Day '55-'57; All Star Dancing 
'55-'56; Sigma. 

Dorothy Joy Howell Waycross, Ga. 

"No sweat," friendly, New York 
"Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles." 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Dramatics Club '55'56; Orchesis 
'55-'57; Stagecoach Staff '56-'57; Mu Cheerleader 
'56-'57; Senior Dance Marshal '56-'57; May Day 
'56-'57; Senior Pageant \56-'57; Nominating Com- 
mittee '55-'56; Mu. 

Olivia Erickson Huske Cooleemee, N. C. 

small talk, forgetful, attractive 
"I want by understanding myself, to understand 

Canterbury Club '53-'54; Choir \53-'54: Hockey 
'55-'56; Glee Club '53-'56; Dramatics Club '53-'57; 
Acolyte '56-'57; Granddaughters' Club '53-'57; 
Y.W.C.A. '54- '55; Stagecoach Staff '56-'57; En- 
semble '55- ! 56; Mu. 

Patricia Pemberton Husxe Fayetteville. N. C. 
"Trish," Y'all, likable 
"My heart is ever at your service." 
Canterbury Club '53-'54; Y.D.C. \54-\55; Dra- 
matics Club '54-'57; Y.W.C.A. '54- '57; Belles Staff 
'54-\57, Circulation Manager \56-\57; Beacon '54- 
'55; Hockey Team '54-'56; Y.R.C. '55-'57. Vice- 
President '55-'56; Altar Guild \55-\57: Treasurer 
of Junior Class '55-'56; Vice-Counselor '56-'57; 
Crucifer '56-'57; Chairman of Assembly \56-\57: 

Jane Harrei.l [rbi Winston-Salem. N. C. 

sparkling, talkative, character 
"Good humor only teaches charms at last. 

Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." 
Y.W.C.A. "55-"56: Y.D.C. '55-'57; Stagecoach 
Staff '55-'57, Chief Typist '56'57; Belles Staff "55- 
'57. Exchange Editor '56-"57; Altar Guild '56-'57; 
Manager of Senior Little Store '56-'57; Chairman 
of Legislative Body "56-\57: Circle '56-'57; Senior 
Pageant '56- '57; Mu. 




Elizabeth Coleman Jenkins Kinston, N. C. 

lovely smile, charming, gracious 
"Beauty is part of the finished language hy which 

goodness speaks." 
Vice-President of Freshman Class \53-'54: Dra- 
matics Club '53-'57; Canterbury Club '53-'55; 
Beacon '54-'55; Belles Staff '53-'57; Stagecoach 
Staff '53-'57; Cranddaughters' Club '53-'57, Vice- 
President '54-'55, President '55-'56; Y.W.C.A. '55- 
'57; Honor Council Representative '54-'5T: May 
Court '53-'57. Maid of Honor '54-'56. May Queen 
\56-'57: Altar Guild '56-'57: Secretary of Student 
Government '56- '57; Vice-Counselor '56'57: Circle 
'56-57. Treasurer '56-'57; Senior Pageant 56-57: 

Maky Catherine Jones Charlotte, N. C. 

"A/. C," sportsmanship, dictionary 
"Where there's a will there's a way." 
Basketball '55-'56; Volleyball '55-'56; Swimming 
All-Star '55-'56; Badminton '55-'56: Letter Club. 
President '56'57; President of Mas '56'57; Nomi- 
nating Committee '55-'57. Chairman '57: Glee Club 
'55-'56; Y.D.C. '55-'56: Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; Captain 
Hockey Team "56-'57: Altar Guild 56-57: Hall 
Counselor '56-'57; Mu. 

Allene Coats Keith Wilmington. N. C. 

effervescence, brains, which one? 
"A glass of fashion and the mould of form." 
Junior Dance Marshal '55-'56; Sigma Cheerleader 
'55-'57, Chief '56-'57; Stagecoach Staff "55-'57: 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Y.D.C. '55-'56: Senior Marshal 
'56-57; Hall Counselor '56'57: Orchesis '55-57: 
Altar Guild "56'57: May Day \55-"56. May Court 
'56-'57: Sigma. 

Mary Ann Keith Wilmington. N. C. 

poise, intellect, which one? 
"Beauty and knowledge maketh the great." 
Junior Dance Marshal "55-"56: Y.D.C. '55-56: 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Stagecoach Staff '55-'57. Chief 
Copyreader '56-'57: Senior Marshal '56'57: Hall 
Counselor '56'57; Orchesis '55-57: May Day '55- 
'56: May Court '56-'57: Altar Guild "56-'57: Mu. 

Lectora Jane Kessinger Janesville. Wis. 

conscientious, Harvard M. S. 
"Who should express her goodliest virtue — she has 

so many." 
Legislative Body Representative '55-56: Dramatics 
Club '55-'57: Y.R.C. '55-'57. Vice-President '56-57: 
Y.W.C.A. '55-"57: Altar Guild '56-"57: Hall Repre- 
sentative '55-56: Canterbury Club '55- 5<: Belles 
Staff '55-'57: Stagecoach Staff '56-'57: Hall Coun- 
selor '56-"57: Little Store Committee '56- '57: 

Mary Lou Macon Raleigh. N. C. 

delightful, charm, poise 

"Demure and quiet is she. and yet 

Methinks there's something more beneath. " 

Stagecoach Staff '55'57: Orchesis '56-"57: Mu. 



Carolyn Madden Myers Raleigh, N. C. 

stage, talented, "Eloise" 
"Those who love music are gentle and honest in 

their tempers." 
Glee Club '55-'57; Ensemble '56- '57; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '55-'S7; Orientation Committee '56-\57; Hall 
Counselor \56-'57; Stagecoach Staff '56-'57; Mu. 

Lucy Anne McPherson Littleton, N. C. 

individuality, dates, striking 
"From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." 
Y.W.C.A. '54-'57; Belles Staff '55-'57; May Day 
'55-'56; Stagecoach Staff \56-"57; Altar Guild 
'56-'57; Little Store Committee '56-'57; Y.R.C. '56- 
'57; Dramatics Club '56-\57; Sigma. 

Elinor Dark Newberne; Raleigh, N. C. 

pleasant, scholarly, musical 
"A girl of quiet thinking, and independent view." 

Sarah Jane Nicholson Raleigh. N. C. 

Carolina, "D. S.,"' blond curls 
"The most precious goods oft come wrapped in the 

smallest packages." 
Stagecoach Staff '56-'57: Sigma. 

Eva Jean Oakley Roxboro, N. C. 

"Wilkins said . . .," wit, "diamonds are a girl's best 

"Can we ever have too much of a good thing?" 
Hall Representative '55-'56; Glee Club \55-'56; 
Nominating Committee '55-'57; Hall Counselor 
'56-"57: Bulletin \56-\57; Senior Christmas Pag- 
eant \56-'57: Vice-President of Senior Class "56-'57: 


Louise Dearing Oliver Savannah. Ga. 

genteel, pretty, congenial 
"Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind." 
Altar Guild '56-'57; Y.D.C. '55-'57; Y.R.C. '55-'56; 
Canterbury Club '55-56: Dramatics Club "55-"56: 
Belles Staff '56-'57; Senior Christmas Pageant '56- 
'57; Senior Dance Marshal '56-'57; Sigma. 



Lynne Morel Palmer Raleigh. N. C. 

pinned, vivacious, Kappa Sig 
"A smile for all. a greeting glad. 

A lovable, jolly way she had." 
Bulletin 56-'57; Dramatics Club '56-'57; Stage- 
coach Staff '55-'57; Mu. 

Mamie Ruth Parks LaGrange. N. C. 

efficient, parlies, "the dragon" 
'"Silence is not always tact, and it is tact that is 

golden . . . not silence." 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Y.D.C. \56-"57: Orchesis '56'57; 
Belles Staff '55-'57; Bulletin '56-57; Vice-Counselor 

Frances Simmons Pearson Southern Pines. N. C. 

"Tooch," individual, fun 
"The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps 

Letter Club '55-'57; Altar Guild "54-"56: Dramatics 
Club '53-'57; Canterbury Club "53-'54: Grand- 
daughters' Club \53-\57: Bulletin "53-'57; Stage- 
coach Staff '55-'57, Editor "56-\57; Circle '56-'57: 
Senior Christmas Pageant '56-'57| Hall Counselor 
'56-'57; Swimming All-Star '53; Softball Team 
'54-'56: Hockey Team '55-'56: Hockey All-Star '55; 
Volleyball All-Star '56. Captain '56: Nominating 
Committee 56-'57; Captain Mu Basketball Team 
'57; Mu. 

Anne Hunter Powell Pittsboro. N. C. 

panic, plans, "Well, kids?" 
"It is a rough road that leads to the heights of 

Altar Guild '55-'57; Granddaughters' Club "54-'57: 
Canterbury Club '54-57, President '55-57: Raleigh 
Canterbury Club '54-'57, Vice-President \55-"57: 
Senior Christmas Pageant "56-57: Chapel Server 
'56-'57; Y.W.C.A. \55-'57: Dramatics Club \54-'55: 

Evelyn Barrett Proctor Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 

Reliable, thoughtful, sincere 
"A cheerful temper joined with innocence will make 

beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit 

Belles Staff '56-"57: Orchesis "55-'57: Stagecoach 
Staff "56-'57: Glee Club '55-"56: Altar Guild "56-"57: 
Testator of Senior Class "56-"57: Mu. 

Jennie Byrd Proctor Fuquav Springs. N. C. 

Voice, versatile, petite 

'"For all that's fair is. by nature good. 

For all that's good is beautiful and fair." 

Orchesis "55'57: Y.W.C.A. "55'56: Choir "56 '57. 

Vice-President "56-57: Glee Club '55-57. President 

"56-'57: Belles Staff \56-"57: Mu. 



Margaret McIver Reese High Point. N. C. 

helpful, understanding, cordial 

"To look up and not down, 

To look forward and not back." 

Y.D.C. '55- '57; V.W.C.A. '55'56; Belles Staff '56- 

'57; Stagecoach Staff '55-'57; Canterbury Club 

'55-'56; Vice-Counselor '56-'57; Senior Pageant 

'56: Treasurer. Senior Class '56- '57: Sigma. 

Sharon Elaine Ridceway Raleigh, N. C. 

Elvey — Elvey — Elvey 
"Life is not life at all without delight." 
Nominating Committee '55-'56; Belles Staff '.56-'57: 
Stagecoach Staff '55-'57; Orchesis '55-'57; Christ- 
mas Pageant '56; May Day '56: Dramatics Club 
"55-56: Sigma. 

Harriette Ann Robinson Charlotte. N. C. 

weenie, dates, vivacious 

"A loving heart is the root of all knowledge." 

Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; Y.D.C. '55-'57; Orchesis \55-'57; 

May Day '55-'57 : Stagecoach Staff '55-'57 ; Sigma. 

Sarah Manning Ruark Raleigh, N. C. 

"Sal," SAE pin, "Bugger" 
"Modest expression of a beautiful setting to the 

diamond of talent and genius." 
President of Sigma Pi Alpha "56-"57: Mu. 

Mildred Roberta Rucker Oxford, N. C. 

hats, "Bert," studious 
"No one knows what he can do 'till he tries." 
Dramatics Club "55-\57; Y.D.C. \55-\57; Y.W.C.A. 
■ 55-'57; Altar Guild \56-'57; Stagecoach Staff '55- 
'57; Belles Staff '56-'57; Canterbury Club \55-\56; 

Cynthia Elizabeth Scoville Orangeburg. S. C. 
"Didi." pleasant, practical 
"The bowstring of spirit was not slack" 
Canterbury Club "55-"56: Stagecoach Staff '55-'56: 
Belles Staff \56-"57: Orchesis '55-'57; Dramatics 
Club '55'57: Y.D.C. "55-"56: Altar Guild '55-'57: 
Senior Pageant "56-'57: Little Store Committee '56- 
"57: May Day Pageant "56-"57: Mu. 



Ann Battle Smith Goldsboro. N. C. 

quiet, naive, freckles 
"Naivele and an instantaneous blush." 
Y.D.C. '55-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Granddaughters- 
Club '55'57; Belles Staff '55-'57; Altar Cuild '56- 
'57; May Day Pageant '56-'57; Dramatics Club 
'55-'56; Sigma. 

Mary Jennings Spainhour Lenoir, N. C. 

talent, exquisite, blue ribbons 
"The two noblest things, which are sweetness and 

Senior Pageant '56-'57; Choir '54-'57: Glee Club 
'54-'56; Dramatics Club '55-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; 
Stagecoach Staff '55-'57; Altar Guild '56-'57; 
BeWes Staff '54-'57; Organ Certificate '56-'57; Vice- 
Counselor '56-'57; Sigma. 

Anne Galloway Speir Morganton, N. C. 

congenial, happy, considerate 

"Happiness sneaks in through a door 

that you didn't know you left open." 

Stagecoach Staff '55-'57; Belles Staff '56-'57; 

Basketball '55-'56: Choir '55-'57j Glee Club \55-'56: 

Y.R.C. \55-'57: Orchesis '55'57: May Day '55-57: 

Granddaughters' Club '55-'57: Sigma. 

Sue Harper Stanford Burlington. N. C. 

fun, sedate, clever 
"There is no knowledge that is not power." 
Y.W.C.A. \55-'57: Altar Guild '55'57: Y.D.C. '56- 
'57: Belles Staff '56-'57: Little Store Staff "56'57: 

Barbara Scott Thomas Asheboro. N. C. 

doll face. KappaSig 
"A sweet attractive kind of grace." 
Glee Club "55-'56: Y.W.C.A. "55'56: Orchesis "56- 
'57: Belles Staff '56-57: Dramatics Club "56-57: 
Senior Pageant "56-"57: Mu. 

Mary Reaves Tillery Mullins. S. C. 

busy, earnest, soft-spoken 
"Sincere and most worthy." 
Glee Club "55-57: Choir "56-"57: Sigma Pi Alpha 
"56'57: Belles Staff "55-"57: Senior Pageant "56-57: 



Nancy Anne Tunnell Raleigh. N. C. 

trustworthy, Redhead, "Russell" 
"Why worry — its much easier to laugh." 
Belles Staff '55-'S6; Glee Club '55-'56; Stagecoach 
Staff '56-'57, Editor, Business Staff '56'57; Orien- 
tation Committee '56-'57; Mu. 

Jane Crawford Walker Roanoke. Va. 

ingenuous, conscientious, everyone's friend 
"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing 

Canterbury Club \53-'54; Dramatics Club '53-'57; 
Stagecoach Staff '53-'57; Belles Staff '53-57; 
Y.W.C.A. '53-'57, President '55-'56; Vice-President 
of Sophomore Class '54-'55; Beacon '54-'55; Ping- 
Pong Medal '54-'56; Badminton Medal '54-'55; 
Volleyball All-Star '54-'56, Medal '55-'56: Y.D.C. 
'54-'55; Letter Club "55-'57; Legislative Body Rep- 
resentative '55- '57, Chairman. Petitioning Com- 
mittee '55-'56; Circle '55-'57; Altar Guild '56-'57; 
Hall Counselor '56/57, Chairman of Hall Council 
'56-'57: Senior Pageant \56-'57; Sigma Pi Alpha 
56-'57; Sigrjia. 


Phyllis Brenda Wall Raleigh. N. C. 

industrious, talkative, dependable 
"Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful 

of others." 
Canterbury Club '55-'56; Y.R.C. '56-'57; Stage- 
coach Staff '56-'57; Christmas Pageant '56-'57: 

Josephine Reid Ward Greensboro. N. C. 

"Jose, ' eyes, striking 
"Beautiful in form and posture. 
Lovely as the day." 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Y.D.C. \55-'57, Vice-President 
'55-'57; Sigma Cheerleader '55-'57; Junior Dance 
Marshal '55-'56; Chief Marshal '56-'57; May Court 
'55-'56, Maid of Honor '56-\57; Altar Guild '56-'57: 
Orchesis '55-'57; Hall Counselor \56-'57; Belles 
Staff '55-'57; Sigma. 

Jane Rhea White Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 

industrious, dead lines, friendly 
"Energy and persistence conquer all things." 
Belles Staff '55-'57, Editor \56-'57; Vice-Counselor 
'56-'57; Stagecoach Staff '55-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55- 
'57; Altar Guild '56-'57: Y.D.C. '55-'57; Dramatics 
Club '55-'57; Acolyte '56-'57; Canterbury Club 
'55-'56; Sigma. 

Kay Wilhelm Charlotte. N. C. 

Jack, engaged, genuine 

"Wise to resolve, and patient to perform.'' 

Dramatics Club \55-"57: Belles Staff '55-'56: 

Y.W.C.A. '54-'55: Sigma. 



Julia Steele Willcox Florence, S. C. 

gay, gracious, wonderful Julio 
"Where beauty is. there will be love." 
Orchesis '55/57; Choir '55-'56; Glee Club '55-'57; 
Ensemble 'S5-'56; Dramatics Club '5S-'S7; What 
Every Woman knows '56: Junior Dance Marshal 
'55-'56; Canterbury Club \55-'56: Y.D.C. '55-'57; 
Hall Counselor '56-'57; Marshal "56-"57: Organ 
Certificate '56-57: Assistant Organist '56-'57: May 
Court '56-'57: Circle '57: Sigma. 

Sarah Frances Williams Goldsboro, N. C. 

SAE, panic, chatterbox 
"Worry never made a woman great. 
Y.W.C.A. "55-'57: Belles Staff '55-'56: Stacecoach 
Staff '56-'57; Y.D.C. "56-57: Senior Pageant '56- 
'57; Canterbury Club '55-57: Mu. 

Marilyn Frances Zschau Raleigh. N. C. 

originality, intellect, "the mouth ' 
"Her future is aglow 7 with possibilities. ' 
Belles Staff \55-'57; Glee Club '55-57: Ba^lien and 
Bastienna '56: The Magic Flute 56: \.R.C. 56- 57: 
Dramatics Club '56-'57: Senior Pageant "56-"57: 
Vice-Counselor \56-'57; Mu. 


This is it!!! Only fifteen seconds remain, ladies and 
gentlemen, before the take-off of the first rocket ship to 
the moon. Now 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. There she 
goes — The Saint Mary's Angel. 

This is most unusual, folks: the 1957 class of S.M.J.C. 
has just left to form a new civilization on the moon. 
We have here plans of what each hopes to do. Let's read 

The class is very fortunate in having petite Ruth 
Fukuda on hand to act as interpreter for the moon-men. 
Since this is an unusually gifted class, there are many 
celebrities: but the brightest star by far is president-elect. 
Frances Pearson who is on her way to the moon to play 
golf. But speaking of celebrities, on board also are four 
members of King Saoul's harem — Jane Walker. Margie 
Reese, Anne Speir. and Polly Daniel. 

Some of these space travelers bent on literary pur- 
suits are: Ann Bonner and Mamie Ruth Parks confided 
they were going to get away from it all and write the 
much-needed book. How To Get Along With Your Eng- 
lish Teacher: Jane Rhea White will take over the column 
of her advisor and will write each Sunday, "English As 
It Is Writ and Spoke." Barry Bowen plans a sequel to 
"Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer." while Sylvia Crumpler 
intends to finish her book. How To Pick a Good Date 
At West Point, and dedicate it to her friend, Legare 
Hobbs. Everyone knows that Eric Huske's "Advice to 
the Lovelorn" is internationally read, but Eric says that 
she gets most of her letters from Camille Grice, Diddy 
Scoville, and Elise Bond. Last, but by no means least 
of the writers are the famous Joyce Curry and Jane Irby. 
co-authors of the famous book. How to Flick In and Slill 
Pass at Saint Mary's. 

Helen Corbett plans to open an exclusive dress shop 
which is certain to be a success due to her efficient staff: 
Mickie Crumpler and Nancy Black, designers: Barrett 
Proctor, high-fashion model; and Betsy Brinkley, spe- 
cial model for ladies' shoes. And here is a word to the 
wise — Mary Lou Macon and Sarah Nicholson will be 
on hand to model sweaters and bathing suits! Helen's 
shop will be decorated by the famous team. Lou Cheat- 
ham and Mary Spainhour, Lou's seven French poodles 
and Mary's nine thoroughbred stallions will be shipped 

Dotty Peirson and Sharon Ridgeway plan to set up 
a frat and be house mothers for any stray Kappa Sig's 
that happen to drop by. Lee Arbogast and Sarah Frances 
Williams, both millionairesses, leave Earth to get away 
from their five husbands. Louise Oliver, wife of movie 
star Rock Hudson, is planning a short rest. And Cole- 
man Jenkins. Miss America. Miss Universe, and Miss 
Galaxy, has just divorced her ninth husband and is going 
to the moon to find the tenth. Also in the way of beauty 
it seems that Julia Willcox and Josie Ward are vying 
with each other for the title. "Playmate of the Year." 

Several girls are more interested in the intellectual 
side of the trip: Betty Bond and Sissy McNinch plan to 
set up a business school modeled after the one of their 
ideal. Miss Boineau: while Lucy McPherson. Anne 
Powell, and Phyllis Wall, who have just returned from 
studying the classics in Greece and discovering that the 
Saint Mary's English Department had already taught 
them everything, are searching for primary knowledge 
of moon lit. Sallv Ruark and Elinor Newberne plan to 
teach French, but Sally is rather worried that Elinor 
wont make it to class on time. Ann Robinson will open 

a school for teaching aspiring young moon-struck fe- 
males Southern charm. Her capable assistants will be 
Lynne Courtney and Carol Freeman. Margaret Louise 
Hamilton and Pat Adams will set up an outpost of the 
Arthur Murray studio and give bop lessons to the more 
jivey set of moon-men. Margaret Louise, by the way, 
just received five million dollars in a suit against her 
ex-hubby. Elvis Presley. And here's more gossip — there's 
a good chance for a clash on the ship, because Presley's 
present wife. Weezie Hill, is along also. Also on board 
are Lynne Palmer and Nancy Tunnell from the Ozarks — 
still looking for the lost ballad. 

We see that Mary Catherine Jones is now truly a mem- 
ber of the globe-trotters and is along to arrange for 
basketball on the moon. Dee Dee DeVere, the great 
swimmer of the English Channel, is going to see what 
new channels she can conquer there. In her spare time 
she plans to publish Polly Prude books. 

We should mention here that Landrum Manning and 
Kay Wilhelm are not aboard this space ship. They have 
finally acquired that other ring for their left hands and 
will follow with their husbands and new additions later. 
Joanne Farlowe will come with them. Joanne now has 
a Dennis the Menace to keep her Debbie company. 

Mary Ann and Allene Keith, the world famous philan- 
thropists (for derivation and definition of that word we 
suggest an unabridged dictionary), plan to give a rest 
home to their classmates and future S.M. Students. Betsy 
Hargrave and Kim Hatcher, psychoanalysts, are already 
setting up extra wards for the patients who will arrive 
immediately following their Senior English Exam. It 
seems that they now have two patients as a result of a 
brawl between Westbrook Eowler and Carolyn Davis 
over who would get to kiss Tab Hunter goodbye. 

The space ship was almost delayed in leaving Earth, 
because Barbara Thomas, the celebrated artist, just 
barely made connections from Paris, where she is the 
toast of the Left Bank. She was accompanied by Ann 
Smith, who plans to establish another second heaven, 
Goldsboro, on the moon. 

Here is a Hash! Aboard the ship Tora Kessinger and 
Barbara Harwood are the winners of the Hucklebuck 
Contest. The music yvas furnished by Ann Fennell and 
her hep-cats. Ruth Brock. Ann Byrd. and Roberta Rucker, 
and featuring that star of all stars, Joan Brooks singing 
"Earth Bound." Sue Stanford and Mary Tillery. the 
pair who made that fabulous oil strike in Outer Mon- 
golia, have just won the Cut-Throat Bridge Tournament. 

By far the largest number of girls are interested in 
shoyv business. Joy Howell plans to open in "My Fair 
Lady" in the Moonglow Theatre. Appearing with her are 
Libby Gregory. Katv Copp. Catherine Dent, and Flo 
Dodd in the chorus line. They all say they owe their 
present success to their days in Orchesis. Another famous 
musician on board is Carolyn (Liberacel Charles (plus 
the smile and the curls). Jennie Proctor, and Marilyn 
Zsehau are going to appear in the famous Moon Metro- 
politan House. Dorothy Harlev. Carol Biggers. and 
Patricia Huske are going to the moon because they wish 
to get away from publicity after the production of 
"Honey Chile." the most controversial movie since "Baby 
Doll." Carolyn Myers, who won an oscar for her film 
portrayal of Eloise. is on board. 

And this about winds it up: so happy sailing, moon 


Last Will and Testament 

County of Wake 
City of Raleigh 

On this third day of June. 19S7. we. the Senior crew 
members of the good ship. Saint Mary's, bequeatli the 
following articles in the following manner: 

Article I 

To Dr. Stone, our pilot, we leave our gratitude for 
careful navigation. To "Miss R.." our captain, we leave 
our thanks for her patient guidance during our two year 
voyage. To Miss Morrison, our first mate, we leave our 
appreciation for able assistance. And to the good ship. 
Saint Marys, we leave a promise to uphold her standards 
and to proclaim her praises in our years abroad. 

Article II 

And we, the crew: 

I, Pat Adams, leave the grove of Academe for the 
orange groves. 

I. Lee Arbogast. leave Mr. Moore and all my political 

I. Carol Biggers. bequeath the name Emma to all those 
confined in the infirmary with unmentionable disorders. 

I. Nancy Black, leave my dubious contacts with Hall 
Council to Toddy Mann. 

We. Betty Bond and Sissy McNinch, leave 2nd Holt 
completely quiet. 

We. Elise Bond and Frances Pearson, leave our abilitx 
to meet any deadlines to the rising Seniors. 

I. Ann Bonner, leave my French linguistic ability to 

I. Barry Bowen. bequeath my favorite record, "Love 
and Marriage," to Jane Brady. 

I. Betsy Brinkley. bequeath my bottle of Pepto-Bismal 
to next year's Senior Class President. 

We. Ruth Brock and Carol Freeman, will our serenity 
to Peppy Currie and Cov. 

I. Joan Brooks, leave to snow all Chapel Hill with my 
rendition of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."' 

I, Anne Byrd, leave for Tokyo. 

I. Carolyn Charles, alias Miss Winston-Salem, recom- 
mend the psychological approach to Ann Hobson. 

I, Lou Cheatham, leave my well-worn path to Chapel 
Hill to Nancy Page Hopkins. 

We. Catharine Copp and Legare Hobbs. leave the State 
Kappa Sigs to anyone else with our determination. . 

I, Helen Corbett. leave to keep the home fires burning 
with W lard. 

1. Lynne Courtney, bequeath my efficiency to Pat 

I. Sylvia Crumpler. leave my exquisite sleeping gar- 
ments to Jessie Allen. 

I. Joyce Curry, leave my height to Dickie Robinson. 

I. Carolyn Davis, will my Hit-Paraders to anyone who 
loves a filter. 

I. Polly Daniel, leave my good disposition to the next 
inhabitants of 3rd Holt, who'll need it after they have 
climbed those steps a few times. 

I. Catherine Dent. leave my Florida sun tan to Midge 

I, DeeDee DeVere, leave, composed as always. 

I. Flo Dodd. leave my common sense to Dot Overbeck. 

I. Joanne Tripp Farlowe. leave my unique status to 
Mary Ann Heath. 

I, Anne Fennell. bequeath my drawl to Sally Royle. 

I. Westbrook Fowler, leave, if I can find the way out. 

I. Ruth Fukuda, leave my Japanese edition of the 
Divine Comedy to next year's Senior Class, who will 
probably learn as much from it as they would the English 

I. Libby Gregory, cant leave, because I must answer 
the 1st Holt phone. 

I, Camille Grice. leave the Country Club for a blast. 

I. Margaret Louise Hamilton, leave my blond tresses 
to Joy Little. 

I. Betsy Hargrave, leave to play football. 

I. Dorothv Harlev. leave the Y.W.C.A. for the more 
interesting Y.M.C.A. 

I. Barbara Harwood. bequeath my mathematical mind 
to Bibi Walker. 

I. Kim Hatcher, leave the Day Students' Room with 

I. Weezie Hill, leave minus one kidney stone. 

I. Joy Howell, leave my inimitable dance techniques 
to Shirley Smith. 

I. Eric Huske. leave my ability to know and tell all to 
whoever will listen. 

I. Trisha Huske. leave for Morehead to chaperone Dee 

I. Jane Irby- leave unpassed petitions for more freedom 
to next year's Leg. Body. 

I. Coleman Jenkins, bequeath my title. Aphrodite, to 
anvone else with my distribution of avoirdupois. 

I. Mary Catherine Jones, leave Big under the super- 
vision of Dabbs, 

We. the Keith twins, leave our ability to exchange 
identities to the Yeamans. 

I. Tora Kessinger. leave my remote habitat to anvone 
who doesn't mind climbing stairs. 


I. Landrum Manning, leave softly humming, "Here 
Comes the Bride." 

I, Carolyn Myers, leave to pour water down the mail 

I. Lucy McPherson, leave my nonchalence to Ginny 

We. Elinor Newberne, Mary Lou Macon, and Sarah 
Nicholson, leave our freedom as day students to the 
boarders who never had it so good. 

f, Louise Oliver, left my summer reading notes at 

I, Lynne Palmer, leave for Winston-Salem. 

I, Mamie Ruth Parks, leave a campus slip in every 
room on 3rd Smedes, East. 

I. Dotty Peirson, leave the Granddaughters' Club to 
enter into the cold, cruel world. 

I. Anne Powell, leave my worries and exaggerations to 
Emeline Elmore. 

I. Jennie Proctor, leave my song-bird voice to Nancy 

I, Margie Reese, bequeath my Mor-Cal to Dr. Browne. 

I . Sharon Ridgeway. leave my lesser ambitions 
(S. M. J. C. ) to pursue higher goals (MRS). 

I, Ann Robinson, leave my much used date book to 
Jane Bellamy. 

I. Sally Ruark, leave Mr. Moore— O.K. ? 

I. Roberta Rucker. leave my self-portrait to hang in 
the front hall of Smedes. 

I. Cynthia Scoville, bequeath my knitting needles to 
Millie Fary. 

I. Ann Smith, will my freckles to Brooks Newton. 

I. Mary Spainhour, leave my Grace Kelly air to Kit 

I, Anne Speir. leave summer reading to the birds. 

I. Sue Stanford, leave psychology to anyone who can 
pass it. 

I. Barbara Thomas, leave the Kappa Sigs at Davidson, 
except for one. to Chee Davis. 

I. Mary Tillery, leave Barbara Thomas very, very 

I. Nancy Tunnell, leave my titian tresses to. Louise 
Landauer, who tried to achieve some of her own. 

I. Jane Walker, leave dainty 3Vi2 size footprints lead- 
ing to the nearest blast. 

1. Phyllis Wall, leave my continuous loafing ability 
to Weezie Key. 

I. Josie Ward, leave my collection of runned stockings 
to Dana Borden. 

I. Jane Rhea White, leave Belles worries to anyone 
who will lake them. 

1. Kay Wilhelm. lake my Home Ec. with me. 

I. Julia Willcox. leave my posture to the new marshals. 

I. Sarah Frances Williams, leave to raise carrot-tops. 

I. Marilyn Zschau. leave for the Met. 

We. the testators. Mickie Clumpier and Barrett Proc- 
tor, leave hurriedly to avoid injury at the hands of our 


i J: 4 >-■« 

Junior Class Officers 


Sallie Rembert 

Caroline Cobb 



Becky Walters 

Helen London 



First row, lejt to right: 

Jessie Fremont Allen, Greensboro, N. C; Jane Burch 
Athev, Baltimore, Md.; Nancy Jane Atkinson. Ashe- 
ville, N. C; Mary Cutler Bahnsen, Chapel Hill, N. C; 
Mary Elizabeth Bailey, Kenly, N. C; Helen Hood 
Baker, Smithfield, N. C. 

Third row: 

Sarah White Barnes, Wilson, N. C. ; Jane Snyder 
Bellamy, Wrightsville Beaeh, N. C; Ellen Legare 
Benton. Columbia, S. C; Elizabeth Bruton Blake, 
Jacksonville, Fla.; Madge McLeod Bowen, Swains- 
boro, Ga.; Jane Linda Brady, Charlotte, N. C. 

Second row: 

Julia Ethel Baker, Florence, S. C; Carole Louise 
Barber, Greensboro, N. C; Joan Winfield Barber, 
Charlotte. N. C; Sara Ann Barber, Wilkesboro, 
N. C; Elizabeth Deppe Barker, Trenton, N. C; 
Marie Page Barnes, Wilson, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

Joan Kittrell Brothers, Suffolk, Va.; Robley Ann 
Bruce, Lake City, Fla.; Betty York Bundy, Green- 
wich. Conn.; Annie Grav Nash Calhoun. Elkin. N. C; 
Virginia Sterling Chadwick, Beaufort. N. C; Caro- 
line Collier Cobb, Goldsboro, N. C. 



First row, left to right: 

Nancy Christine Coston, Asheville, N. C; Patricia 
Gray Coulter, Jacksonville, Fla.; Elizabeth Burke 
Covington, Raleigh, N. C; Margaret Wester Crow- 
son. Burlington, N. C; Carol Memory Clumpier, 
Raleigh. N. C; Penelope Alexander Currie, Char- 
lotte, N. C. 

Second row: 

Martha Cornelia Custis, Suffolk. Va.; Mary Laura 
Davis, Nashville, N. C; Joan Patricia DuBose, 
Arden, N. C; Billie Faye Edmondson. Asheboro, 
N. C. ; Mary Frances Hodges Edmunds. Rocky 
Mount, N. C; Mary Love Elliott, Goldsboro. N. C. 

Third row: 

Emeline Digges Elmore. Suffolk. Va.; Sadie Carol 
Etheridge, Whitakers. N. C; Mary Elizabeth Evans. 
Lancaster. S. C; Millie Frances Fary. Manila. Philip- 
pines; Mary Hannah Finch. Thomasville. N. C; 
Michael Earle Gardner, Greensboro, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

Virginia Bard Gatling. Norfolk. Va.; Sally Anne 
Greene. Charlotte, N. C; Henrietta McWillie Grier, 
Greenwood. S. C: Mary Elizabeth Hamme. Oxford. 
N. C: Sandra Minnette Handverker. Raleigli. N. C. ; 
Anne Lancaster Hardin, Hendersonville. N. C. 



First row, left to right: 

Susan Lane Hardin, Wilmington, N. C; Barbara 
Eileen Hauser, Fayetteville, N. C. ; Nancy Page Hop- 
kins, Lynchburg, Va.; Dorothy Dumville Hulick, 
Raleigh, N. C; Charlotte Anne Hunt, Oxford, N. C; 
Frances Perry Hussey, New Bern, N. C. 

Third row: 

Elizabeth Gadsden Lee, Sumter, S. C. ; Sara Marjorie 
Lewis, Asheville, N. C; Joy Teeter Little, Fayette- 
ville, N. C. ; Helen Renfrew London, Pittsboro, N. C; 
Ellen Byrd Love, Blackstone, Va. ; Linda Gail Luns- 
lord. Clarkesville. Ga. 

Second row: 

Louise Grady Johnson, Burgaw, N. C; Martha Hardy 
Johnson, Fountain, N. C.; Louise Judson Jones, Ra- 
leigh, N. C; Judith Ann Keller, Raleigh, N. C; 
Louise Norman Key, Columbus, Ga.; Jean Marie 
Keyes, Raleigh, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

Sybil Neat Mathis, St. Augustine, Fla.; Lois Hazle- 
hurst Middleton. Sumter, S. C; Rachel Sue Minich, 
Raleigh, N. C; Mary Hill Moffitt, Lexington, N. C; 
Amanda Hancock Morris. Saniord, N. C; Jessie 
Anne Morris, Richmond, Va. 




r d 

First row, left to right: 

Elizabeth McCulloch Morrison, Lynchburg, Va.; 
Sarah Haile Mustard, Wilmington, N. C; Florence 
Elizabeth McGowan, Franklin, Va.; Emily Zellars 
McNeill, Laurinburg, N. C; Virginia Lee McPher- 
son, Littleton, N. C. ; Anne Brooks Newton, South- 
port, N. C. 

Second row: 

Dorothy Overbeck, Fayetteville, N. C; Clara Louise 
Pennington, Brodnax, Va.; Doris Osborne Price, 
Salisbury, N. C. ; Catherine Leiding Rakestraw, At- 
lanta, Ga.; Margaret Beatrice Reid. Raleigh, N. C; 
Sarah McNeill Reinbert, Columbia, S. C. 

Third row: 

Dorothy Louise Ricks, Rocky Mount, N. C: Cordelia 
Richards Robinson, Littleton. N. C: Nancy Jeffress 
Rodwell, Henderson, N. C; Frances Ann Rountree, 
Greensboro, N. C; Sally Anne Royle. Elkins Park. 
Pa.: Sue Carol Sandlin. Raleigh. N. C. 


ourtli row: 

Julia Anne Scott. Signal Mountain. Tenn.; Ann 
Prince Shepherd. Charleston, W. Va.; Marianna 
Sink. Lexington. N. C. ; Shirley Grace Smith. Greens- 
boro, N. C; Stuart Pruden Smith. Asheville. N. C: 
Polly Kelly Starbuck, Raleigh, N. C. 



/"i/si ;ow, /e/i to right: 

Theckla Stefanou, Athens, Greece; Nancy Jean Sul- 
livan, Columbus, Ga.; Janice Lynn Sutton, Fayette- 
ville, N. C.; Mary Ann Tayloe, Washington, N. C; 
Alma Janet Taylor, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Jean 
Evelyn Thompson, Southport, N. C. 

Third row: 

Patricia Bayard Walker, Macon, Ga.; Rebecca Irene 
Walters, Greensboro, N. C; Lanetta Tuggle Ware, 
Fredericksburg, Va.; Patricia Anne Watson, Raleigh. 
N. C.; Leslie Weil, Goldsboro, N. C; Jenny Lee 
Whitehurst, Bethel, N. C. 

Second row: 

Katrina Crapon Tiedeman, Silver Spring, Md.; Har- 
riette Elizabeth Vann, Benson, N. C; Virginia Lee 
Vann, Dunn, N. C.; Elizabeth Vass VanWaganen, 
Miami, Fla.; Marion Caldwell Verner, Brevard, 
N. C; Jane Norvell Wagoner, Salisbury, N. C. 


ourtn row: 

Margaret Etheredge Withers, Columbia, S. C; Lucy 
Lynn Wooten, Fayetteville. N. C; Cynthia Spencer 
Young, Columbus, Ga.; Jean Roberta Young, Dunn, 
N. C. 



Commercial Class Officers 

Landrum Manning 

Betty Bond 

Celeste Fountain 

Mary Ann Heath 


Commercial Class 


First row, left to right: 

Anna Kay Overstreet Arthur, Raleigh, N. C: 
Elizabeth Bryan Bond. Jacksonville, Fla.; 
Charlotte Bryan Rodman Cherry, Washington. 
N. C; Eunice Jeneal Deaver, Hope Mills, 
N. C; Celeste Alice Fountain, Tarboro, N. C. 

Second row: 

Carrie Ellen Gatlin, Stonewall, N. C; Mary 
Ann Simmons Heath, Raleigh, N. C; Lan- 
drum Norris Manning. Raleigh, N. C; 
Eleanor Williams McNinch, Charlotte. N. C; 
Dorothy Ann Peirson, Enfield, N. C. 

Third row: 

Camilla Croom Rodman, Washington, N. C. ; 
Sheila Miles Strother, Kinston, N. C: Eliza- 
beth Carpenter Temple, Danville, Va.; Claire 
Tolar Bass, Raleigh, N. C. 


Sophomore Class Officers 

Marion Sims 

Susanne Burton 

Bettie Denison 

Debbie Wall 




First row, left to right: 

Nan Grey Bailey, Wendell, N. C; Dana 
Brownrigg Borden, Goldsboro, N. C; Susanne 
Lunsford Burton, Roanoke, Va.; Mary Schuy- 
ler Campbell, Gaffney, S. C.; Rebecca Kay 
Carr, Windham, Maine. 

Third row: 

Margaret Courtney Dick, 
Elizabeth Mebane Dowd, 
Jeanne Slocumb Dunn, 
Elizabeth Constance Fisher 
Martha Florelle Gwaltney, 

Charlotte, N. 
Charlotte, N. 
Yonkers, N. 
Whitakers, N. 

Smithfield, Va. 


Second row: 

Louise Settle Cobb, Michaux. Va.; Lillian 
Gail Cohoon, Columbia, N. C. ; Jane Mc- 
Master Copeland, Kinston, N. C. ; Jeannette 
Gilkey Cross, Marion, N. C; Bettie Moon 
Denison, Roanoke, Va. 

Fourth row: 

Ann Lynn Hobson, Charlotte. N. C; Helen 
Badham House, Chapel Hill, N. C; Elizabeth 
Rist Howard, Tarboro, N. C. ; Lucy Adamson 
Klatte, Tryon, N. C; Elizabeth Carter Lip- 
ford, Raleigh, N. C. 





f«M*l -^^ 


i"^ *f^ j^i 

© $ & 



F/ri-f row, left to right: 

Lynne Meredith Lumpkin, Charlotte, N. C; 
Mary Ann Lynch, Raleigh, N. C; Anne 
Munro Mcintosh, Marion, N. C; Sylvia 
Julienne Olson. Cleveland Heights, Ohio; 
Emily Mullins Oulla, Marion, S. C. 

Second row: 

Ann Trexler Peeler, Salisbury, N. C; Octavia 
Phillips. Rockingham, N. C; Janie Jolly 
Ragsdale, Raleigh, N. C. ; Marion Owen Sims, 
Richland, Ga.; Harriet Smithdeal, Higli 
Point, N. C. 

Third row: 

Emmie Anne Spencer, Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Anna Dahl Thompson, Tallahassee. Fla. 
Virginia Masters Tyson. High Point, N. C. 
Wisdom Lambeth Walker. Summit. N. J. 
Deborah Wall, Rocky Mount, N. C. 

rourtli row: 

Carol Anne Welborn. High Point. N. C; 
Sarah Ellen White. Kinston, N. C; Joan Lee 
Williams. Wendell. TV. C; Anne Lewis Yea- 
mans, Fuquay Springs. N. C. ; Dorothe Rob- 
erts Yeamans, Fuquay Springs, N. C. 


tyi 1 - ' 


IK ' 


1 } v 

Freshman Class Officers 

Marjorie Codoington 

Kate Webb 

Page Temple 

Allison Moore 



* ^afe 


First rom, left to right: 

Gail Marie Allen, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Martha Virginia Anderson, Wilson, N. C. 

Caroline Winder Ashford, New Bern, N. C. 

Elizabeth Graham Beckwith, Raleigh, N. C. 
Sara Bussey Bickerstaff, Columbus, Ga. 

Thud row: 

Susan Farnham Dodd, Suffolk, Va.; Carroll 
Christoph Ehringhaus, Charlotte, N. C. ; Jose- 
phine Peoples Ehringhaus, Raleigh, N. C; 
Rebecca Cheatham Ferebee, High Point, 
N. C; Julia Ann Fuller, Mount Holly, N. C. 

second row: 

Dorothy Hope Buck, Asheville, N. C. ; Jose 
phine Mebane Burgwyn, Jackson. N. C. 
Caroline Whitehead Clark, Tarboro, N. C. 
Marjorie Lyon Coddington, Charlotte, N. C. 
Pauline Elizabeth Dent. Jacksonville. Fla. 

Fourth row: 

Josephine Metts Huntt, Raleigh, N. C; Lil- 
lian Arrington Johnston, Wilmington, N. C; 
Helen Bell Jones, Gainesville, Fla.; Mary 
Matilda King, Columbus, Ga.; Helen Louise 
Landauer, Kinston, N. C. 



*? 9 



^Y 9 t7 


^ fe 

FzVaJ 7o/o, /e/f to right: 

Elizabeth Randolph Latta, Louisburg, N. C; 
Anne Carter Lee, Rocky Mount, Va.; Mary 
Todd Mann, Upper Nyack, N. Y.; Lucy Hart 
Milward, Lexington, Ky.; Allison Badger 
Moore, Charlotte, N. C. ' 

Second row: 

Patricia May McDaniel, Richmond. Va.; 
Mary Margaret McKee, Charlotte, N. C; 
Mary Mitchell Norfleet, Winston-Salem, N. C; 
Margaret Rene Pegues, Bennettsville, S. C: 
Mary Cameron Phillips, Morganton, N. C. 

Third row: 

Lula Norris Pittman, Wilson. N. C: Lynda 
Sue Richert, Raleigh. N. C; Fiances Fletcher 
Smith. Madison, Va.; Sara Jane Snepp. Knox- 
ville, Tenn.; Carol Virden Spaulding. Chase 
City, Va. 

Fourth row: 

Mary Brown Stone. Martinsville, Va.: Vir- 
ginia Page Temple. High Point. N. C: Sallie 
Virginia Thompson. Wendell, N. C: Mary 
Atkinson Walke. Raleigh. N. C; Frances 
Moore Wands. Cooleemee. N. C. 

Fifth row: 

Kate Raney Webb, Greensboro. N. C: Re- 
becca Murray Webb, Wilson, N. C: Elizabeth 
Weiser Winstead. Red Lion, Pa. 

Special Students 

Nancy Marie Dennis 

Lavinia Mae Rothrock 

Buena Vista Edwards 

Ann Smiley 

Mrs. J. M. Fields 

Elizabeth Layfield Smith 

Mrs. Alva H. Harris 

Nancy Lee Suttles 

Emmalee Ward Harris 

Beverly Elaine Watts 

Karen Peck 

Alice June Williams 

Olympia Demetrios Phillips Carol Ann Williams 

Betsy Faye Pierce 

Alice Wilson 



Student Government Officers 

First row. lejt to right: Coleman Jenkins. Secretary of Student Government; Barr\ Bowen, President uf Student Govern- 
ment: Catharine Copp. Vice-President of Student Government. Second row: Kim Hatcher. President of Day Students. 
Diana DeVere. Secretary of Hall Council: Jane Walker. Chairman of Hall Council. 


Honor Council 

Left to right: Dickie Robinson, Helen Corbett, Louise Jones, Catharine Copp, Barry Bowen. Coleman Jenkins, Florelle 
Gwaltney, Dorothy Peirson. Shirley Smith. 

Legislative Body 


M||| _. 

^<— M~ "1 

-■■■" ■"■"'. ■ 

'■ 7 

-w**— ' ^ 


• ■-■ ^| 


First rou\ left to right: Kim Hatcher. Catharine Copp. Earry Bowen. Jane Irby. Chairman: Catherine Dent. Kat 
Webb. Claire Bass. Second row: Helen House. Susanne Burton. Betsy Brinkley. Jane Walker, Ann Rountree, Landrun 
Manning. Lucy Milward. Not pictured: Kit Tiedeman. Caroline Cobb. 


Hall Council 

COUNSELORS: first row, left to right: Carolyn Charles, Diana DeVere, Secretary; Ann Bonner. Legare Hobbs. Jane 
Walker, Chairman. Second row: Carolyn Myers, Julia Willcox. Catharine Copp, Tora Kessinger. Third row: Helen 
Corbett, Josie Ward, Mary Ann Keith, Mary Catherine Jones. Fourth row: Frances Pearson. Eva Oakley. Betsy Brink- 
ley, Allene Keith. 

VICE-COUNSELORS: first row, left to right: Catherine Dent. Margaret Reese. Carol Biggers. Mamie Ruth Parks. Mary 
Spainhour. Patricia Huske. Second row: Barry Bowen. Coleman Jenkins. Lou Cheatham. Dorothy Harley. Assistant 
Secretary: Marilyn Zschau. Third row: Elise Bond. Betsy Hargrave. Jane Rhea White. Dorothy Peirson. Joan Brooks. 
Mickie Crumpler. 


Dramatics Club 

Left to right: Margaret Louise Hamilton. President: Sally Barnes. Vice-President; Miss Florence Davis. Director and 
Advisor: Betsy Lipford, Publicity Chairman. 

Glee Club 

First row, left to right: Charlotte Cherry, Janet Taylor, Jennie Proctor. President: Marion Verner. Emily Oulla. Airing- 
ton Johnston. Jeanne Dunn. Julia Fuller. Second row: Susan Dodd. Mary Walke. Sylvia Olson. Sarah Ellen White. 
Carolyn Myers. Sue Sandlin, Lucy Klatte. Third row: Anne Byrd. Octavia Phillips, Allison Moore. Janie Snepp. Flor- 
ence McGowan. Carol Spaulding. Anne Morris. Anne Fennell. Fourth row: Dorothy Hulick, Lee Arbogast. Marilyn 
Zschau. Barbara Hauser. Mary Hannah Finch. Ease Pennington. Cliee Davis. Jean Thompson. Fifth row: Lambeth 
Walker. Dorothe Yeamans. Patricia Watson. Anne Yeamans. Dorothy Buck, Toddy Mann. Kate Webb. Sixth row: 
Helen Jones. Julia Willcox, Nancv Atkinson, Sally Lewis, Florelle Gwaltney, Dana Borden. Anna Thompson, Brooks 

Belles Staff 

Left to right: Jane Rhea White. Editor: Joanne Farlowe, As- 
sistant Editor. 

First row, left to right: Charlotte Cherry, Carolyrr'Charles, Peppy Cu 
Martha Custis, Barrett Proctor, Tora Kessinger. Arm Bonner. Mamie Ku 
Camille Grice. Second row: Louise Key. Camilla Rodman, Betsy Lipf> 
son, Sybil Mathis, Carol Spaulding. Carroll Ehringhaus, Arlington .1 
Pegues. Ann Lynch. Lucy Wooten. Legale Hobbs, Sallie Rembert. Linda 
with. Lynda Ricbert. Kate Webb. Toddy Mann. Molly Norlleet. Eleanor 
Hill Moffitt. Connie Fisher. Lee Arbogast. Margaret Reese. Elise Bond. 
Fourth row: Julia Baker. Peggy Withers. Mary Spainhour. Cynthia \ 
Claire Bass. Judy Keller. Michael Gardner. Dorothy Overbeck, Anne Mo 
Zschau. Sallie Thompson. Shirley Smith. Catherine Rakestraw, Joan 
Edmondson. Doris Price. Caroline Cobb. Mary Hannah Finch, Barbara H 
Gail Allen. Betty Bundy. Marion Sims. Janie Ragsdale. Patricia Watson 
Carole Barber. Lucy Klatte. 

Bard Catling. Sara Barber. Mebane Dowd, 
tb Parks. Harriet Smithdeal. Luc\ McPberson. 
id. Mary Cameron Phillips, Virginia MePher- 
ihnston, Sally Bickerstaff. Louise Cobb. Peggy 

Lunsiord. Third row: Flo Dodd. Betsy Beck- 
McNinch, Mary MeKee. Lois Middleton. Mary 
Octavia Phillips. Ann Rountree. Lou Johnson, 
oung. Betsy Dent. Anne Byrd. Janice Sutton, 
iris. Libbv Gregory. Ease Pennington. Marilyn 
Williams. Fifth row: Martha Johnson. Billie 
auser. Emeline Elmore. Betty Bond. Byrd Loye. 

Midge Bowen, Patricia Huske. Diana DeVere. 

Bulletin Staff 

Sylvia Crumpler, Editor 

Left to right: Eva Oakley. Mickie Clumpier. Mamie Ruth Parks. Prances Pearson. Caroline Cobb, Not pictured: Beth 
Morrison. Arrington Johnston. Helen Jones. Coleman Jenkins, Mary Louise Hill. Mary Spainhour, Carolyn Charles. 
Nancy Black. 


Stagecoach Editorial Staff 

Frances Pearson, Editor 

Firm row, left to right: Mary Lou Macon, Ann Robinson. Barry Bowen, Catharine Copp. Frances Hussey. Caroline 
Ashford, Virginia McPherson, Nancy Page Hopkins. Second row: Barbara Hauser. Barrett Proctor. Flo Dodd. Ruth 
Brock. Carol Freeman. Mebane Dowd, Anna Thompson. Bettie Denison. Betty Howard. Anne Yeamans. Third row: 
Florence McGowan. Elizabeth Lee. Anne Speir, Carol Crumpler. Mar} Balinsen, Jane Copeland. Emmie Spencer. Mere- 
dith Lumpkin. Margaret Reese. Jeannette Cross. Dana Borden. Harriet Smithdeal. Fourth row: Camille Grice. Jane 
Rhea White. Betsy Lipford. Tora Kessinger, Judy Scott, Janice Sutton, Joan DuBose. Sally Barnes. Man" Ann Keith. 
Allene Keith. 


Stagecoach Business Staff 

Nancy Tunnell, Editor 

First row, lejt to right: Molly Norfleet. Virginia Anderson, Arrington Johnston. Carol Spauld'ng. Janie Snepp, Ann:' 
Lynch, Joan Williams. Second row: Carolyn Myers, Sarah Nicholson. Emily Oulla. Rehecca Wehli. Josephine llunll. 
Bonnie Stone, Annie Gray Calhoun. Sharon Ridgeway. Third row: Kim Hatcher. Connie Fisher. Landrum Manning. 
Josie Ehringhaus. Lucy Milward, Jane Bellamy. Susan Dodd. Janie Kagsdale. Joy Howell, Nan Bailey. 


Altar Guild 

Lou Cheatham, President 


First row, left to right: Sybil Mathis, Millie Fary. Sylvia Olson. Anna Thompson. Jennie Proctor. Vice-President: Lou 
Johnson. Second rote: Catherine Dent. President: Helen London. Florelle Gwaltney. Octavia Phillips. Nancy Coston. 
Eric Huske. Third rote: Dana Bordon, Louise Cohb. Anne Fennell. Marx Spainhour, Brooks Newton. Fourth rote: 
Lee Arbogast, Betsy Brinkley, Kit Tiedeman. Diana DeVere. Crucifer: Patricia Huske. Crucifer: Celeste Fountain. 
Anne Speir. 



Left to right; Dorothy Harley, President; Jane Copeland. Vice-President; Libby Gregory, Secretary-Treasurer. 

Canterbury Club 

First roiv, left to right: Caroline Ashford. Anne Mcintosh. Anne Yeamans. Recording Secretary; Emmie Spencer. Treas- 
urer; Anne Powell. President; Carolyn Davis. Corresponding Secretary: Carol Spaulding. Arrington Johnston. Second 
row: Dorothc Yeamans, Betsy Lipford. Tora Kessinger. Jo Burgwvn. Bettv Howard. Josie Ehringhaus. Third row: 
Kate Webb. Carole Barber. Barbara Hauser. Betsy Dent, Josephine Huntt. 


Granddaughters' Club 

First row, left to right: Caroline Ashford. Josie Ehringhaus, Brooks Newton. Lucy Wooten. Betty Covington. Helen 
London, Annie Gray Calhoun. Second row: Frances Pearson. Kate Webb. Jeanne Dunn. Joyce Curry. Ruth Brock. 
Jeannette Cross, Dorothy Peirson. President; Octavia Phillips. Ann Smith. Betty Howard. Anne Powell. Third row: 
Betty Latta, Betsy Beckwith, Helen Jones, Josephine Hunlt, Carroll Ehringhaus. Jane Bellamy, Mary Ann Tayloe. Cole- 
man Jenkins. Mary Moffitt. 

Doctors' Daughters' Club 

First row, left to right: Ann Bonner, President: Anne Mcintosh. Caroline Ashford. Beth Morrison. Debbie Wall. Sally 
Mustard. Second rote: Billie Edmondson. Bibi Walker. Mary Ann Tavloe. Marion Sims. Susanne Burton. 



Left to right: Lucy Milward, Historian; Dorothy Harley, Secretary; Caroline Cobb, President; Tora Kessinger, Vice- 
President; Millie Fary, Treasurer. 


Left to right: Josie Ward, Vice-President; Lee Arbogast, President; Kit Tiedeman. Secretary-Treasurer. 



First row, left lo right: Mary Ann Keith, AUene Keith. Josie Ward. Chief Marshal. Second row. 
Mickie Crumpier. Julia Willcox. Third row: Sylvia Crumpler. 


Dance Marshals 

First row, left to right: Joan Brooks. Chief Dance Marshal: Joan Barber, Ann Hobson. Second row: 
Lou Cheatham. Pollv Starbuck. Ann Peeler. Third row: Toddy Mann. Mary Hannah Finch. Fourth 
row: Ease Pennington, Julia Baker. Fifth row: Midge Bowen, joy Howell. 


Order of the Circle 

Diana DeVere 


Betsy Brinkley 

Coleman Jenkins 



Barry Bowen 

Catherine Dent 

Frances Pearson 

Ruth Brock 

Ruth Fukuda 

Dickie Robinson 

Caroline Cobb 

Dorothy Harley 

Jane Walker 

Catharine Copp 

Jane Irby 

Julia Willcox 

Helen Corbett 

Betsy Lipford 



First row, left to right: Susanne Burton. Louise Cobb. President; Jeanette 
Cross. Second row: Florelle Gwallney. Betty Howard, Betsy Lipford. Third 
row: Marion Sims. Emmie Spencer. Debbie Wall. Not pictured: Allison 
Moore, Kate Webb. Page Temple. Jane Copeland. 


Sally Ruakk 

Julia Baker 

Sally Barnes 

Elise Bond 

Ann Bonner 

Carolyn Charles 

Helen Corbett 

Mickie Crumpler 

Sylvia Crumpler 

Chee Davis 

Michael Gardner 

Libby Gregory 

Margaret Louise Hamilton 

Louise Jones 

Frances Hussey 

Tora Kessinger 

Sally Lewis 
Sybil Mathis 
Mary Hill Moffitt 
Carolyn Myers 
Elinor Newberne 
Brooks Newton 
Dorothy Peirson 
Catherine Rakestraw 
Sallie Rembert 
Dickie Robinson 
Julia Ann Scott 
Mary Spainhour 
Mary Tillery 
Jane Walker 
Phyllis Wall 
Marilyn Zschau 




OFFICERS: Carol Bigckrs, President: Kit TlEDEMAN, 

CHEERLEADERS: First row, left to right: Ann Hobson, Peppy Currie. Allene Keith. Chief: Josie Ward. Mary Hill 
Moffitt. Second row: Carolyn Charles. Betsy Hargrave, Jessie Allen. Meredith Lumpkin. Susanne Burton. Judy Scott. 



MBF * ^ 

m - * 


V A 


Mm 1 




B i 


r i 

' i 

B V 

■ It 

■ i 

El ._ 

OFFICERS: Mary Catherine Jones, President; Jenny 
Whitehurst, Vice-President. 

CHEERLEADERS: Left to right: Connie Fisher, Nan Baile;. Camille Grice, Belh Morrison, Eleanor McNinch, Chief: 
Lou Cheatham, Michael Gardner. Florence McGowan, Lou Johnson, Carroll Ehringhaus, Millie Fary, Lou Pittman. 




I — |i li'n^l T ~ - 

'MHe^JZSm&SZ^, r> 



Outside circle, left to right: Helen Corbett. Vice-President: Lucy Klatte. Sail) Bickerstaff. Allene Keilh. Elise Bond. 
Florelle Gwaltney, Mamie Ruth Parks. Ann Bonner. Octavia Phillips. Cynthia Scoville. S\ hil Mathis. Chee Davis. 
Michael Gardner, Beth Morrison. Nancy Page Hopkins. Sharon Ridgeway, Joan Brooks. Mickie Crumpler. Elizabeth 
Blake. Legare Hobbs, President. First row: Jennie Proctor. Bard Catling. Kim Hatcher, Anne Yeamans. Anna Thomp- 
son. Sylvia Crumpler. Second row: Josie Ward, Jo Burgwyn. Joy Little. Lobby Gregory. Mary Ann Keith. Ann Robin- 
son. Millie Fary. Third row: Julia Ann Fuller. Catharine Copp. Julia Willcox, Lou Cheatham. Linda Lunsford. Jessie 
Allen. Fourth row: Barbara Thomas. Betsy Hargrave. Flo Dodd. Barrett Proctor. Catherine Dent. Anne Speir. 


Letter Club 

First row, left to right: Frances Pearson. Florelle Gwaitney, Caroline Cobb, Diana DeVere, Helen House. Second row: 
Kit Tiedeman, Dorothe Yeamans. Jane Walker. Third row: Mary Catherine Jones. President. Not pictured: Barry 
Bowen. Catharine Copp. Helen Corbett. Anne Powell, Betsy Brinkley, Jenny Whitehurst. Lucy Milwood. 










— — — ~r~-~ S| 





Barry Bowen 


Betsy Brinkley 


Mickie Crumpler 




Diana DeVere 

School Spirit 

Margaret Louise Hamilton 


Jane Irby 



Coleman Jenkins 


Mary Catherine Jones 


Eva Oakley 




Jane Walker 


Josie Ward 


Julia Willcox 




Barry Bowen 

Betsy Brinkley 




Catharine Copp 



Diana DeVere 




Jane Irby 

Coleman Jenkins 



Frances Pearson 

-Nr- V 

Jane Walker 


May Queen 

Coleman Jenkins 


May Court 

Center: Coleman Jenkins. Queen: lejl to right: Octavia Phillips, Helen Corbelt. Mary Ann Keith. Florelle Gwaltney. 
Sylvia Crumpler, Dickie Robinson, Josie Ward. Maid of Honor; Midge Bowen, Mickie Clumpier. Julia Willcox, Allene 
Keith. Marjorie Coddington, Betty Howard. 



■M •'. " ■" '■'' *J£ 

WSSm '■'-jg* 

• ■ , ^V' . 

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Jjynum Printing, Company, 

J\alelan, JVortn Carolina 


1217 Hillsboro Street 

Phone TE 2-5834 

Complete Drug Store Service 



Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 



Agricultural Development 
Community Improvement 
Industrial Expansion 






Friendly, Courteous Service 

PHONE TE 2-3212 
601 Hillsboro Street 

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% '% l\laW. (tee Swa> 1919° 1 


Pine Slate Creamery 


Richard G. Stone, President 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

High school graduates are offered two years of standard college work. 
The curriculum also includes 1 1th and 12th grades. of high school work. 
All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. 

Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics 

and Music Departments with Tuition included 

in General Charge 

Twenty-Acre Campus — Field Sports — Gymnasium — Tennis 
Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool — Horseback Riding — Golf 


Write for Catalogue 

Eat with little Pete 
at the 


The Oldest Restaurant on Hillsboro 

TE 2-5811 

Oldest and Most Reliable 
Raleigh, N. C. 


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Who Love Elegance 

in Fashion 




TE 2-5589 



Ridgeway's have numer- 
ous new and becoming 
styles — let our experts 
help you select one that 
suits not only your eyes 
but your personality. What 
about the new glamour 
frames for evening? It's 
a pleasure to help you! 

. . . also tn Greenville* Greensboro. A 


Did ye way's 


FrofeBalonftl Bid*. Ratellh 


Makers of Fine 


for Annuals 

PHONE TE 3-351 2 



Brogden Produce Co., 







102 Harrison Avenue 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Best Wishes 

Saint Mary's 



Arthur E. Buddenhagen 





State Capital Insurance Company 


Through Leading Local Agents 

Home Office RALEIGH, N. C. 




Construction Equipment 


smart young 
fashions for 
the fashion-wise 


Cut Flowers Corsages 

Graduation Bouquets Decorations 

PHONE TE 2-8347 


"FTe Grow the Flowers We Sell"